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Special Jacket Assemblies

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Special Jacket Assemblies

Times Microwave has the broadest range of cable jacket options available, so order the special jacketed cable assemblies for your special environment applications - and get electrical and environmental performance you can depend on.

LOW SMOKE / LOW TOXICITY CABLE ASSEMBLIES Cable Assemblies for shipboard or other manned vehicle installations that require low smoke / reduced toxicity products are supported by several Times product choices: Times Mil-C-17 qualified LOW SMOKE CABLES or Times LOW LOSS SHIPBOARD CABLES,  

Custom assemblies with NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) RESISTANT CABLE ASSEMBLIES, and special FIRE RESISTANT AND LOW SMOKE JACKETED VERSIONS OF MILTECH CABLE ASSEMBLIES. Special outer jackets may also be incorporated into ARMORED CABLE ASSEMBLIES.

Work with your Times Military/Aerospace Regional Applications Engineer to get the special jacket solution you need.