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Phase Critical Assemblies

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Be certain it will work - use Times Microwave Systems Phase Critical Products



 Let Times Microwave build the highest performance phase cable assemblies for your phase critical applications. Spanning various temperature ranges, and exhibiting a range of operating characteristics, we have the phase stable cable and the expertise to give you the leading edge phase performance you need in your operating environment. 


Eliminate the "PTFE knee" and gain superior phase performance.

The dielectrics and constructions used in our phase critical product line have been developed to optimize the phase performance of the finished assembly.

VIDEO  -  Click HERE to see a demonstration of how PhaseTrack simply outperforms.




Count on Times to provide your phase matched / phase tracking / phase stable cables assemblies - available individually, in pairs, in sets - to meet your requirements. Review the product specifications to help determine which are best suited to your applications:

PhaseTrack CABLE ASSEMBLIES with Triple Layer Shield and TF4 Technology

PhaseTrack SR CABLE ASSEMBLIES Semi-Rigid with TF4 Phase Performance

PhaseTrack PFlex CABLE ASSEMBLIES TFlex type cables with TF4 Phase Performance

SiO2 Phase CABLE ASSEMBLIES Semi Rigid for ultimate Phase Tracking Performance

PhaseTrack LS CABLE ASSEMBLIES for Low Smoke / Low Toxicity Applications


For assistance in choosing a product or the latest information on Phase Critical Products, contact your Times Military/Aerospace Regional Applications Engineer

For a comparison and overview of the evolution of these technologies, see our published article Current Innovations In Phase Stable Coaxial Cable Design,


To download a copy of the PhaseTrack Full Line Brochure - click here.