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Miltech Special Product Designs

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Miltech Special Product Designs

Specialized products featuring unique solutions to many challenging applications-

MilTech cable assembly products have always included specialized assemblies that feature unique solutions to many application-specific problems. Times engineering is unsurpassed in the art of providing simple-to-use designs to address technically unique interconnect solutions. Turning out-of-the-box thinking into finished products is a daily occurrence.

Many of Times standard product lines evolved from specialized products. A look at the Timesline  product development highlights listing will give you a feeling for the depth of experience and capability Times brings to every engineered solution.

Making "why didn't I think of that?" products available is one of our specialties. Times engineers live for the chance to address challenging interconnect problems, and are ready now to help you solve difficult problems. From customized connectors to special tools to entire new product lines, we draw on the widest range of technologies available in the industry and build on a unique development history to create the next-generation Times Microwave Systems solutions.

Your Times Regional Application Engineer is ready to start solving your most difficult interconnect challenges. Contact your Military/Aerospace Regional Representative.