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Miltech Self-Locking Connectors

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Many applications benefit from choosing Times self-locking connectors -







Threaded coupling connections can be problematic in high-vibration-environment applications. For many years, this has been addressed by using lockwire to secure coupling nuts. Lockwiring is a labor-intensive process requiring special tooling, and is associated with the potential creation of FOD (Foreign Object Debris). Times self-locking connectors on your assemblies eliminate the need for lockwiring, significantly reduce installation and maintenance times, and prevent lockwire-related FOD.

Miltech Self LockingMiltech Self LockingMiltech Self Locking


LOCKING MECHANISM OPERATION - Locking Collars are manually activated during cable assembly installation and removal:


 Locking Collar type 1                    Locking Collar type 2

TNC and larger interfaces employ type 1 locking collars. SMA and smaller interfaces employ type 2 locking collars.






For help using Times self-locking connectors on your assemblies, contact your Times Regional Application Engineer for experienced support.  Connect with your Military/Aerospace Regional Representative.

For a listing of replaceable connectors suitable for use, including the self-locking connectors highlighted here, refer to the TIMES REPLACEABLE CONNECTOR