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FlexTech High-Flex-Life Assemblies

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FLEXING APPLICATION OPTIMIZED CABLE ASSEMBLY PRODUCTS  Get connected - using Times Microwave Cable Assemblies 

When repeated flexing is required, Times FlexTech High-Flex-Life Cable Assemblies get the job done. For microwave phase or amplitude stability with flex that you can count on, choose one of the FlexTech High-Flex Family Assemblies. Work with the experts who already understand what it takes to build long life wing-fold, leading-edge-flap, access door and deployable mast cable assemblies and harnesses.

  • FL220 cable assemblies are built using a size and loss optimized flexing cable.
  • FLX220 cable assemblies use cable designed for extreme flex life - qualified for over 10,000,000 cycles.
  • MP260 cable assemblies support both phase matching / tracking and flexing requirements.
  • QEAM810 cable assemblies are designed for long life in high power applications that require repeated reeling when deployed. 


Performance Summary Table -

Cable Type

Cable Diameter (in / mm, nominal)

Outer Jacket

Insertion Loss @ 18GHz (dB/ft, typ)

Propagation Velocity, Nominal (Vg,)

Recommended Bend Radius (in / mm)


0.22" / 5.6mm




4.4" / 112mm


0.22" / 5.6mm




4.4" / 112mm


0.26" / 6.6mm

 Aramid Braid



5.2" / 132mm


 0.81" / 20.6mm


 0.057 (5GHz)


16" / 410mm


Contact your Times Microwave Systems Field Applications Engineer to get you started with a flex-optimized cable assembly for your application. Put the TimesTeam  to work for you, and get the right connection.   


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