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 For unsurpassed support, contact the Times Microwave Systems team and put Times Microwave Systems resources to work for you -


Real-Life Applications Support Team 

Experienced engineers know that two heads are better than one, and that tapping into the right resource can assure success.

Times Microwave Systems Field Applications Engineers bring years of focused experience to help with your application.

Put the TimesTeam to work for you, and get the right connection. 


On-Line ApplicationsSupport

Customers have observed that there are so many choices available in the Times Microwave Systems product line, it can be difficult to determine the product best suited for a given situation.

Quick Selection Guide  - Use the cable guide or the assemblies guide to quickly find the products best suited to your needs.

On-Line Application Worksheet - Work with Times to determine which products are the best fit for you - use this application worksheet  to organize your requirements, guide your choices and help you get the performance you need.


 Suggested Assembly Specifications  

No two applications are the same, and complete development specifications are not always necessary - it depends on your needs. Our suggested specifications are here to help you make sure that all of the basic requirements are defined by your inquiry.


Choose a product family the easy way - by working with a Times Applications Specialist.  This will ensure you have the right product for your application.